What is the difference between natural solid Australian opal and other types of opal?

Natural Australian opal is considered to be the most valuable type of opal due to its unique play of colours, which is caused by the way the opal reflects and refracts light. Other types of opal, such as Mexican opal or Ethiopian opal are often considered to be of lower quality than natural Australian opal mostly because of their hydrophane properties. As a non-porous opal, quality Australian opal is more stable and regarded as gem-grade.

How do I know if an Australian opal is natural and solid?

There are several ways to determine if an Australian opal is natural and solid, such as checking for natural inclusions or impurities, examining the surface for natural patterns, and verifying its source and authenticity with a reputable dealer or gemologist. Solid opal is when the opal is in one piece and has no other materials added to enhance the stone such as material added to the back like in a doublet.

Where are your opals from?

We have opal from all the Australian opal fields. We price our pieces at on-field rates and supply to mostly jewellers and collectors.

Are your Australian opals ethically sourced?

All our opal is ethically sourced and is directly from our own mines or family friends who are miners. We believe in fair trade and responsible sourcing, and we are committed to supporting sustainable practices in the opal mining industry.

How should I care for my natural Australian opal?

Solid, natural Australian opals are of similar hardness and consistency as glass or crystal and can break. Dropping your opal on concrete or tiles could result in a chip or crack, so care must be taken when handling. Other than a pinch of mindfulness, natural opals do not require special care and contrary to popular myth, they do not have to be stored in water once cut. Water does not affect your natural solid Australian opal. We recommend you gently clean your opal with a bit of mild detergent, water, and a soft cloth.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on your opals?

Yes, we offer a 14-day return policy on all of our opals, as well as a lifetime guarantee of authenticity - each opal comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you sell doublets, triplets or synthetic opals?

No, we only sell natural solid Australian opals. We believe in offering high-quality, genuine gemstones to our customers, and we stand behind the authenticity and value of our natural opals. If you have any questions about our products or our commitment to quality, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I know what size opal to buy?

Opals come in a range of sizes and shapes, so it is important to consider the size and style of the jewellery you are planning to make or wear. If you are unsure about what size opal to buy, you can use a ruler or a sizing chart to get an idea of the dimensions of the stone. You can also contact us for recommendations and assistance, or consult with a jeweller.

I like one of your opals, can you set it in jewellery for me?

Yes! We can set any of our opals in 18k yellow/white/rose gold or in sterling silver. Please contact us for a quote.

Why are rough opals and specimens videoed while wet?

Rough opals are frequently recorded or photographed when wet. This is done because water mimics the final polish of a finished gemstone, thereby revealing the true colours and patterns of the rough opal. This principle also extends to specimens. Typically, we leave the specimens in its natural state but are more than happy to polish its surface for you, at no additional cost.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship our opals to most countries around the world and offer free standard shipping on all orders. Express shipping is available for an additional fee. Our opals are carefully packaged and shipped with tracking and insurance to ensure safe delivery. Please allow 3-5 business days for standard domestic delivery and 7-15 business days for standard international delivery.

Please note that all international shipments outside of Australia may be subject to the various customs and import fees, duties and taxes of the destination country. The customer is fully responsible for these additional charges and any others that may be required for customs clearance.